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- Be seen the same day
- 97% of clients will not have surgery
- Conservative Clinicians
- Appointments within 24 hours
- Ultrasound Guided Injections
- On-site X-rays

Mitias Orthopaedics covers a vast amount of conditions regarding fractures, sports injuries, joint replacement amongst others. To your left is a list of some of our most common areas of expertise. Read on to see what we can do to help you. Also . . .

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The following sites contains valuable information about orthopedic medical issues.  Note, however, that Mitias Orthopaedics is in no way responsible for the content of these sites.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please ask your medical professional.

The Mitias Difference:
Techniques, Time, and Satisfaction

If you've dealt with the medical profession in any capacity, you know how the journey back to good health is often tedious, time consuming and outright frustrating at times. At Mitias, we're working to change all of that.

You don't have to have surgery.

For most people, a visit to an orthopedic clinic brings about certain anxieties - the foremost of which is the fear of surgery. While surgery is sometimes a piece of the puzzle, many don't realize just how seldom surgeries are recommended. If we can resolve your ailment without surgery, that is the route we take at least 97% of the time. Rest assured, we will use proven non-surgical methods if at all possible.

It's about time.

We think, when you need help from a professional in Orthopaedics, you should get help as fast as possible. Our approach is to get you an appointment within 24 hours of your contacting us - we will see you that same day if at all possible!

Find out the difference.

So many people have found out the Mitias difference in Health Care to find a solution for their pain. If you haven't yet, stop by our contact page to get in touch with us. We will be glad to set you up fast and efficiently.

We love our patients!

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